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I’ve been trying out skin care products by Nouri Face & Body Concepts for about 3 weeks plus and so far, I’m pleased with what I’ve used.


Here’s a little info about Nouri. Founded by Valerie De Costa who has 15 years of experience in the beauty industry, Nouri aims to provide customers with customized treatments at a competitive price. Over at Nouri, there’s no fixed packages and instead Nouri will tweak the treatments based on the needs of the customers.


Nature Essence is one of the brands available at Nouri and I’m currently using the Anti-Inflammatory Blue Gel as I’m currently going through the IPL Facial treatment which I will be talking more about in another post. This highly effective Blue Gel helps to eliminate bacteria from acne and open wounds on the face. It’s also helps to calms the skin down after IPL. It’s unavoidable to experience redness after an IPL treatment and this Blue Gel helps to sooth the skin and reduces the redness effectively within a day. If you’re doing IPL treatments be it on the face or for hair removal, this is a highly recommended after care product.


Nouri also came up with their very own in-house products which are locally manufactured with different formulations to suit different age groups.

So far, I’ve tried two different types of cleansers and toners from the Nouri brand. I find the cleansers very effective yet mild on sensitive skin like mine. Toner wise, I’ve tried the Algae toner which consists of active ingredients which works well for young skin like mine. However, due to the active ingredients, it does sting a little upon application. Which is why I prefer the rose variant which is much milder.


My favorite product from the Nouri Range will have to be the Cleansing Milk. Using it as a Make up remover, it worked extremely well in stripping off the Make up yet leaving the skin smooth and supple. I will usually double cleanse using this cleansing milk at night and I can just skip the cleansing gel. I’m extremely pleased with this cleansing milk and I can easily add this onto my Holy Grail list.

Nouri is planning for for a big sale on their Skin Care products soon. It’s a great opportunity to grab these great products at a great discounts! Don’t miss it! Stay tune to for more information on the sale!

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