LOLA for short, Love Out Loud Asia is the latest Online Dating site offering that you singles out there (me included) can try out for a chance at love.

Unlike the many others online dating sites (trust me, I have tried most of the free online dating site/apps out there), LOLA is different in the way that you do no need to create a Profile! Rejoice!

I for one, hated the profile making segment. I mean, even if I bother to create a proper profile stating all information. There’s still some weird people who say hi based on photos alone without reading your profile. And it gets annoying when they start asking questions which answers can be already found in the profile.

Hence, I’m really glad that there’s no need to crack my brains over creating a proper profile. I just need to sign up through Facebook, and my information will be kept confidential. FYI, you can only sign up through Facebook at the moment. I believed it is to verify you as a real person and prevent you from cooking up stories and faking to be someone you’re not. And they assured that they will not post anything on your FB and I trust them for that. ( LOLA is a local start up so if they ever do post anything on my FB, I guess I can just complain directly to them. Haha.)

This is also great for people who prefers a little privacy while trying to look for some love. 🙂



I actually like their tagline very much. “Online Dating for people who hate Online Dating.”

It’s really tiring to look through profiles, and to process them to look for one that appeal to you, then deciding if you should say hi. Sometimes, I just wait for people to say hi and whether I reply is another story. Haha. It’s just narrowing the choosing process to those who took initiative.

At LOLA, all we have to do is to think of a date idea, post it up and wait! One match will be sent to you at noon everyday and you can choose to like or pass. I just signed up yesterday and got a match at noon today. Sadly, it’s a Pass. Ok, I must admit I’m a little picky. But I got a surprise after I clicked on Pass as you get to feedback what you do not like about the match. Which I think LOLA will take into considerations and prevents sending a similar match. I will say that’s a nice touch! (I like the fact that I get to choose that the match is too short for my liking. Many a times when you strike a conversation with people that seems ok and only to find out their height is either shorter than you or same. It’s just disappointing and I hate to waste time. Yes, height is a very important factor to me.) 

You have an option to update your profile and change either your date preference or date ideas. Which is good as sometimes, you need to change things up a little if you are never getting a match of your liking.


Here’s a look at the user stats of LOLA currently which is pretty informative. Though I’m sad to see that the percentage of guys are lesser which means lesser chance of a match of the ladies. So guys, do try out LOLA. 😛 At least balance out the ratio right? Haha.



At the moment, you can only access LOLA on the computer but no fret for those people on the go. They are releasing their mobile apps on both iOS and Android soon in November so look out for it!

Let’s hope I get lucky with LOLA.

Do check out LOLA’s FB PAGE too! They post date ideas by users on their FB and some are really interesting and cute!

Joyce.Forensia (Single and Available) 😛

*Disclaimer*:This is supposed to be a short shout out and not an advert. I did not received any monetary gains in return. It just happens that I can relate as I’m an avid user of online dating apps, that’s why the long post. Plus the folks at LOLA were really friendly. I did received a $10 e-voucher for Dressabelle in appreciation but I’ve no use for it so if you want it, PM me and I’ll send the code in your way!*

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