NOTW: Nail Foil Stickers

Here’s my nails of the week! Got these nail foil stickers from *Scape flea at just $2! They were going at 3 for $5. So it’s less than $2! And a free nail file with purchase of 3 or more! Cheap thrill!!

They are pretty easy to apply. You just have to find a size closest to your nail, stick it on as accurately as possible to your nail bed with the rounded side downward close to your cuticles. Then fold down excess and file off. You can choose to seal it off with a top coat so that it last longer.

I didn’t and by day 2, the stickers are peeling off. So best to sealed it up with top coat.

I won’t say they are lasting, maybe max 3-4 days depending on what you do with your hands. But good enough for something that’s $2. Will be great for the weekend if your work does not allow you to have fanciful nails!


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