Domino’s Pizza!

20130627-102508.jpgI was finally able to make it to a Domino’s Pizza Party organized by OMY.SG after missing out so many sessions! Was really looking forward as I’ve never tried Domino’s Pizza before and I’m excited to feast on them!

20130627-102515.jpgLocated at about 5 mins walking distance from Kovan Mrt, the outlet at Kovan is not difficult to find!

20130627-102604.jpgThe party started off with the usual talks and introduction about Domino’s Pizza but I’m thinking, I should go straight to the food here. Or rather, start with a camwhore photo with a fake pizza. 😛

20130627-102545.jpgIt wasn’t long when the real pizzas are served and our cameras as usual, gets the first round before we can start eating. I’m amazed by the wide variety of flavors Domino’s provided and some of the flavors like the sambal one is really good! I also like the fact that they have different crust selections. I personally love Thin Crust and the New York Crust.

20130627-102522.jpgThere’s 7 different pizzas served to us that day that I am unable to know which is which. All I know is that the pizzas are all good. I would recommend the New York Crust if you are ordering a pizza that is heavier in taste. And the Thin Crust for flavors like Pepperoni and Hawaiian.

20130627-102530.jpgAnd of course, we should give some prime time to the sides. Onion rings, drumlets, nuggets and LAVA CAKE!! I love the drumlets and Lava cake!! Do try them out!! Highly recommended!

20130627-102536.jpgWe must not forget the humans when eating! Took some shots with Dawn, Smith and Meryl~ And me with the Domino’s poster chef. 😛

20130627-102551.jpgOps! I’m caught eating pizza again. But it’s ok, because I’ve a super good deal for you all! It’s such a good deal that you will want to order Domino’s for at least once a week!

20130627-102556.jpgSorry I can’t help it but I still look slim in this photo despite eating like 5 slices of pizza. But they were really yummy that I just forgo the fact that I’m on a diet.


Here goes one with a real pizza finally and the good deal!! 50% off all Pizzas and applies to all sizes!! Simply enter the coupon code BLG89 before ordering to enjoy a whole 50% off!! This also means that you can buy 2 pizzas at the price of 1. 😛 Best deal right? Don’t say I never share hor!

Clicky to like Domino’s Fb!

Enjoy eating Pizzas!! Or maybe organize a Pizza Party?


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