Phuket Day 3

If you have not read Day 1 and Day 2, go read first before coming back to this Day 3 post!

This is a pretty short post, but every trip needs an ending. 😛

Day 3 started out wet. It was raining pretty heavily when we woke up and it was depressing. So after breakfast and working out for some of them. We decided to make use of the time and spam photos in our suite room.

 I have no idea what we were doing. Random actions just came out. Haha. 

 Different levels of posing. The super crazy ones, the act yi ge ones and the keep calm and pose ones.

Melissa, Jac and Silver really bring life to the photos with their random poses.

 More! Haha!

 Daphne: “What is this!!”
Ju: ” Aiya, No eyes see.”
Melissa: ” Check out my nice ass.”

Ju and me decided to join in the randomness. Carris, Daphne and Cheryl was just giving us that look. LOL.

We chilled and snacked and washed up till the rain stops and it’s time for us to check out. Left our luggages at the hotel and hop on a Tuk Tuk to Patong for last minute shopping, early dinner and massages!

IMG_3763My camera was frosty hence the fog. Not as crazy as at night at this Tuk Tuk have no surround system. 

What the sea/beach looks like after a huge rain.


Still very pretty in my opinion.

IMG_3773We split ways as some wanted to shop and some including me wants to get a massage. I opted for a leg and head massage. For 550 Baht, I think it very worth it as I enjoyed it. My masseur was a kind thai lady who even comb my hair like a mother would do after the massage. Very sweet of her!
2013-05-12 16.03.30

There was a whole stretch of massage salons at Patong, but we settled for this quickly as they provided free Wi-Fi. How typical of us social media addicts. Enjoying my massage here!

2013-05-12 16.03.20

Here’s a random photo of me with my new buy in the living room of our suite room.

2013-05-12 15.05.28

I did not buy much during this trip. Just a cap, a dress and two singlets. One tip to shopping in Phuket, if the shop owner refuses to give you the price you want (have to be reasonable la) walk away. Usually they will call you back and give you the price you wanted.

2013-05-11 23.41.31

We returned to our hotel to collect our luggage after dinner at No. 6 again. Then from Kamala, we took the mini van to the airport. Kamala is actually nearer to the airport compared to Patong if you’re wondering. This time round, we managed to get the ride back to airport at only 1000 Baht. And then, it’s home sweet home.

Ending this post of a photo of the instant memories with the girls in Phuket. <3

2013-05-13 02.05.41

I really enjoyed this trip loads. Thanks Carrie, Cheryl, Daphne, Jacqueline, Juann, Melissa and Silver for the great time!! Looking forward to our next trip together!!

Group Photos credits to: Cheryl Tay


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