Phuket Day 2

I’m here with day 2! But if you have not read Day 1 yet, go read!!

Day 2 is a long day! We booked an island-hopping tour the night before after dinner at the tour counter just outside our hotel. 1400 Baht each for Coral Island and Raya Island which includes lunch and snorkeling.

We woke up early to have breakfast and prepares for the long day ahead. While waiting for our transport to come pick us up, we took more photos at the lobby!! I especially love this group photo of all 8 of us! It’s my current lock screen wallpaper on the mini!

The van made a few detours to pick other people up before we finally reached the place where we are supposed to board the speed boat. But first, we had to wait at this resting station while they wait for all the people to arrive. Don’t buy the bikinis at the shop there as they are the only shop there and raises the price. You can get cheaper ones at Patong.

We have to walk to the beach from the rest station but it’s quite a short walk. so no frets there. Not forgetting to camwhore while walking!


Ran in-front of the girls to take this shot. Think Daphne is blocked. ><


Soon we reached the boarding area and when you walk onto the beach, there will be this guy taking photos of you. It’s for a photo souvenir which you will get to buy at the end of the trip. I bought it as it’s only 100 baht.


Standard group shot of the girls on the speedboat. The ride on the speedboat is not exactly pleasant and you might get seasick. Good thing is that they actually provide free seasick pills.


Standard procedures. How could I not have a shot of me on the boat. Random, but I love my mint green shades from F21!


We reached Coral island first and it’s free and easy. We could do sea sports at additional costs or just choose to relax and chill by the beach which we did. And before we ran off to the sea, we stripped down to our bikinis and took a group shot!

This is probably one of the rare moments you will see me in a bikini. I don’t actually have a good figure, and is flabby all over but heck. You don’t expect me to cover up when everyone else is in bikinis right? Lol.

2013-05-11 10.09.58

Coral Island is named that way for a reason. There’s loads of stone corals washed up to the shores by the waves. And you can’t avoid stepping on them when you enter the waters. It’s like walking on those stone pebbles path but sharper stones. Which is why me and Melissa are holding hands. Haha. I like this shot though. 😛

And then we started to take crazy shots in the waters while fighting to stay afloat among the strong waves.

Just jumping and goofing around.

Check out that wave! It’s not easy trying to stay above waters ok! It gets really tiring.

So we ended up wearing life jackets so we can just float around. LOL.

Here’s a selfi of me and Melissa with the girls in the background. Look at the clear blue water!! So nice!

After Coral Island, we made our way to Raya Island. We are headed for the beach first to let those who do not wish to snorkel to drop off first. Then we were brought to the snorkeling spot. Which is breathtaking. Look at that clear blue water in my favorite shade.

These shot is made possible thanks to Jacqueline. Now I want an underwater camera too! I think I am the 2nd one from the left based on the bracelet. LOL.

The one with head above water is me. Haha. The water is so freaking clear!!

The fishes gets really near you when someone threw a bread in. And it kinds of gets scary.

Say hi to the fish! How often can you swim freely in the clear blue sea and look at the fish swimming beneath.

After snorkeling, we were brought onshore to have a simple lunch. Then it’s free and easy. Means photo time!! I’m in love with the sea. I’m glad that the sun wasn’t really that scorching hot as I did not get a burnt. But of course, reapplying sunblock every now and then helps!


And this bunch of lovely crazy girls. And of course, these jump shots are made possible by Cheryl with her pro camera! Next time, you must join us in front of the camera ok!

7 girls, in the air at the same time with an awesome background. How often do you get that huh? Look at our shadows on the sand!!

I get an individual jump shot too. Hee!

More jump shots!

Silver was doing cartwheels on the beach and she managed to teach Jacqueline how to do it too!

After that, it’s back to the hotel! And as we only have one toilet each in our rooms, we decided to dip ourselves in the pool while waiting for the toilet to be available. There was a water slide in the pool and it’s quite fun. Haha.

I came down to fast so I did not managed to allow the girls to take a shot of me sliding off like this.

More underwater shots! I love how random we are!

One normal shot above water…

And it’s back to going underwater.

SIlver and Jacqueline decides to fight it out to see who has the best cartwheel. While we watch in shock? LOL.

“Don’t fight already!! Stop” LOL.

We decided to head out to Patong after washing up for dinner! Apparently the Tuk Tuk in Phuket are bigger and more happening. Surround sound system with club hits. Lol. We partied our way to Patong. Haha.


Look, we all have rosy cheeks after a long day in the sun.


The Tuk Tuk ride from our hotel in Kamala takes about 15-20 minutes to reach Patong. It’s like going to town. Haha. Once you reached Patong, you will see many street lights, many shops and many eateries and bars etc. There will also be people who will try to make you go and watch those so called free Ping Pong shows and they can be rather annoying. My advice is to just ignore them. Unless, you want to watch la.


We were recommended this No 6 Restaurant by a Pharmacist when getting some medicines. The restaurant is pretty easy to find and there’s a long queue. So the people at the restaurant asked if we want to go up the hill to their new branch instead and they provided shuttle services. We decided to give it a go and it’s was a dark and long 10 minutes trip up the hill. Halfway through, we were wondering if they are taking us somewhere to sell. LOL. Good thing we took the shuttle up as the view was great! You can’t really see from the photo but you get a wonderful view of the city lights from up the hill!


Our food came really quick. They actually took orders through a phone application. Well, if a restaurant is doing so well that they can have two branches, provide shuttle service and have an electronic ordering system, there must be something really good about it. And they did not disappoint! Food was good and quite affordable. We had crabs, fish, Tom Yum, Green Curry etc. I would definitely go back there to eat if I visit Phuket again!

Once again, the place is named No.6 Restaurant. So if you are in Phuket, do hop on to their shuttle and dine at their hill top branch. It’s worth a try! We couldn’t resist a photo with the shuttle truck. 😛

That wraps up Day 2 in Phuket with the girls!

Stay tune to Day 3!

Photos with watermark credits to: Cheryl Tay

Photos taken in water and the group shots at No.6 credits to: Jacqueline Wong



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