I’ve received a hamper from Anatomicals sometime back and let me show you what they have to offer! Anatomicals is a Britain bathroom essential brand. What’s so special about Anatomicals you might ask? It’s one of the funkiest and fun brand out there!

Anatomicals have 10 products at the moment for sale in Singapore. They can be found at Totally Hot Stuff at Bugis+, and Sasa outlets!

They have two Lip Balms with one minty flavored one and the other for dry lips! Both of them have individual fragrances!

Body lotion, Body scrub and Hand cream. All that is needed to pamper your body. I am pretty sure you’ve noticed by now, the interesting copy on the packaging.

Anatomicals have 5 different body cleanser with different scent! From the usual fruity and floral scents, there’s coffee scent and a spicy scent!

Definitely something for everyone! And it’s fun reading the descriptions on the bottle!

Here’s the price list for the items:

Body Cleanser – $8.95

Body Lotion / Body Scrub – $6.50

Hand Cream – $5.50

Lip Balm – $4.50

Super affordable!

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