Sunsilk Academy Fantasia 5th Elimination Concert: Duets!

Hi all! I’m going to talk about Academy Fantasia Concert that I’ve attended last week today! I so glad to be able to finally make it for their concerts! Though it’s a little sad that the contestants who stood out to me during the Press Conference were already eliminated from the Academy.

And so 8 contestants were being challenged to duets at the 5th elimination concert and we all knew that it’s not easy singing duets as their voices have to blend and there have to be some form of chemistry.

Was sitting with Catherine during the concert! XD

Seats reserved for the media. It’s at a corner but with good view of the stage.

The concert started off with a group performance of Show Luo’s song, 恋爱达人. Then followed by the performances of the duet. Each pair sang a total of two songs each.

First pair up was Zhang Chi and Vee. They sang 今天你要嫁给我 and 珊瑚海. Personally I feel that Vee has been overpowered by Zhang Chi. In both songs, her voice is relatively soft as compared to Zhang Chi. The chemistry between the two was not really there either. And I feel there could be a better choice of song.

Second pair up was Junyang and Hui Xian. They sang 制造浪漫 and 因为爱情. I was totally blown away by Hui Xian’s voice. Her vocals is really good and did kind of overshadowed Junyang. Junyang’s performance is quite good too. And I would say this pair have got some chemistry between them.

Third pair up was the only boy boy pair up. Irwin and ET, also known as E.Twins for that week. They sang 恋爱ing and 你那么爱她. Their first performance of 恋爱ing was really high! I totally enjoyed myself for that performance. As for the second song, I would say it’s good but not as good as the first as it’s more of a sing off for the both of them. But I can’t help but say they are my favorite pair of the day.

Lastly, We have Guang Li and Chloe who sang 小夫妻 and 復刻回憶. I personally felt that they have the chemistry there but I kind of find that their voices don’t go well together or should I say clashes? Both of them have very nice voices, just that they don’t go well together.

Sadly, Guang Li ‘s the one who left the Academy in this elimination due to low votes.

Votes takes up a 70% while Judges’s score is only 30%. So if you don’t want your favorite contestant to be eliminated, do vote for them!

Now it’s left with 7 contestants in the Academy and the theme for this week is Sing and Dance! I’m pretty sure it’s going to be an exciting concert this week! Can’t wait! XD

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