First time at Timbre!

I finally made my way down to Timbre with the Cousins last Saturday.

Went to the outlet at The Substation. Above photo taken by PATH.


Great company!

Sometimes, no matter how nice or how good the atmosphere is, you will only enjoy with the right company!

I can never go wrong with this group of friends!



Andy, Josh and Jiaqi~


JingLong, Ying Zi and me!

It will be great if the whole group of Cousins can gather sometime soon! Very long never got full attendance already! ><

(Credits to ANdy for the above 3 photos with humans inside. )

Pizza there was strongly recommended by the rest who’ve been there before.

We ended up ordering 5 full pizzas!

I had one on my own.

I must say the pizzas are really good. Yums! Reasonable pricing too!

You can have a pizza with 2 flavors for just $21!


Had a beer and a Strawberry Margarita too!

Next time I’ll just order the beer! More worth! LOL!

Actually beer tastes better then some cocktails. 😛


I love the atmosphere at Timbre, nice music, nice place. A great place to chill out with your good buddies. They do have live band performances too. But we did not stay long enough for the live band this time.

Maybe next time! XD



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