World Runway Premiere 2011

Attended World Runway Premiere which happened on the 18th Sept~ Thanks to Sort Cheng who got the tickets from Ikoma~ Haha. I only knew that Ikoma was giving out tickets on the day itself as I only had classes on Sundays.

Went to the event with Don!! The super diva~ So hard to meet one! 😛

Posing with our invites~ XD

With Sortie~ I swear that’s not my hand holding the ticket. 😛

With Don!

A solo shot~ With the wind in my hair! LOL! Oh btw, it’s also the last time you will be seeing my long flowy hair. 😛

Pretty cool runway they have~

Another group photo of us in our seats.

This was a rather random shot but I kind of like my expression here.

Introducing the 8 teams! There’s France, Italy, Russia, USA, UK, Brazil, Japan and Singapore.

This was from Japan.

Here’s an outfit from Singapore which I like. Not a very clear shot as I was using my compact and I do not have super zoom lenses.

UK emerge the winner with 70 plus plus points. Japan was 60 plus and Singapore was 50 plus.

UK stylists celebrating their win.


I would say this was an eye opener for me. Saw many unique outfits and can see the different styles from the various countries. Would love to attend more of such fashion events in future! XD


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