Haul: More Perfumes

A bottle of perfume a month. Sinful. Especially when I have around 8 bottles of fragrances at home not including colognes or miniatures. Also the fact that I’m not a person who uses perfume everyday. LOL. I only use when I felt like it or when going to events or such. However, most of the time I will tend to forget. 😛 Oh wells~

I bought this bottle of Black XS at JP Fragrance at FEP last month. I remember smelling it at the airport once when I was out with my friends and I love the scent. Ok, and the bottle too. I’m a sucker for packaging. 😛 This scent is more to the sweet side and I love my scent sweet. 😛 Most of my perfumes are more fruity, if not musky.


I just bought this from Sephora. It’s a limited edition scent according to the BA and there’s a GWP if I purchased above $80. So I got the 50 ml bottle which cost $84 and got the free pink pouch. The BA also gave me this sparking body gel thingy.

In fact, I had no intention of buying anything when I head to Sephora. Guess I kind of get “con” into buying it. Haha~ But that’s what happens when you go shopping. LOL. But I must say it’s a really nice fruity scent. Very refreshing too! Of course la, if I don’t like the scent I won’t buy regardless of the GWP.

Oh well, it means that I now have around 10 bottles of fragrances in my stash? 😛 That’s quite a number and I’m very sure that it will increase again. 😛


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